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With 8 years of experience in home remodeling and repairs, Burch Renovation are dedicated to providing first-class service to each and every project, whatever the size.

Our specialized team are fully licensed and insured, ready to complete your home renovation. East Cobb is our base, and we operate around a 15-mile radius. Unlike other contractors who are driving all over metro Atlanta to get to different jobs, we are always available because we are your neighbors. So you know you are receiving a trusted, local renovation experts who understand how the homes in your community were built.

The benefits of remodeling

We believe that small chances can make a big difference when it comes to your home. Here are some of the ways that remodeling can positively affect you.
1. Increase Home Value
Just a few simple renovations can significantly increase your homes value and buyer appeal
2. Make Your Home Work for You
The beauty of home remodeling is having the freedom to adapt it to suit your needs.
3. Energy Efficient
Home renovation isn’t just aesthetic and functional, it can also improve energy efficiency and lower your bills.

Our expertise

To deliver you the best results and a comprehensive service, we have built a well-rounded team with expertise in several different areas. When you work with us for your home renovations, you can be rest assured your property is in good hands.

Our project managers are experienced and work in perfect harmony with our crew to ensure that you are taken care of. Our process is efficient and reliable, so jobs are done on time and on budget according to our accurate estimates.
We only work with qualified, licensed and experienced professionals so you can guarantee fully vetted employees who are experts at their trade.

Caring about you and your space is part of our DNA. Our employees are trained to ensure that they are respectful of your space from the start, ensuring that your space is clear and prepared for their task, up until the point where the project is finish and your space is cleaned up.

Meet the team

Our leadership

Randy Altamirano

Project Manager

Jay Swartzell

Project Manager

Ken Fulcher

Project Manager

Our history

Home means many things to different people – we all have one. Home has always meant a lot to us, and nothing says “home” like our Burch Farm homestead.

That’s where the “Burch” name for our business comes from. Like farming, renovations are not easy, and it takes a healthy work ethic to complete jobs on time, and on budget. It takes believing that doing a good job has meaning in and of itself. We look for people that think that way, and we believe you will see that when you work with our team.

The management team of Burch Renovation has years of combined experience working with homeowners for their remodeling, renovation and repair needs.

Each project is overseen by a dedicated project manager to assure one point of contact for communication and to complete your project on time and within budget.

Working with Burch Renovation means the team will show up when they say they will, keep your life and family disruptions to a minimum and reward you with a beautiful build.