Aging in place in Marietta, GA

Make your home more accessible, safer and more comfortable

Home remodeling to make your home more accessible is common for aging in place, or for adapting the home to specific needs. It is a cost-effective way to customize the home as times and your requirements change.

Accessible remodeling consists of simple changes such as widening the doorways or adding ramps to your property for wheelchair access. Aging in place home modifications may also include bathroom remodeling, or adjustments in the kitchen to make life easier.

Specialized aging in place home modifications in Marietta GA

At Burch Renovations, we take extra care to provide a high-quality, respectful service as we work to remodel the home for aging in place or specialized needs. We can work together with you, occupational therapists, family, and carers to achieve a safe, accessible and comfortable home to suit you.

Whether you need to create a bedroom downstairs, lower the light fittings, or any other aging in place home modifications, our local, trusted and experienced team are on hand to help. Make your property work better for you.

  • Add grab bars
  • Ramps
  • Replace tub or shower
  • Improve lighting
  • Handrails
  • Anti-slip flooring/tile

Benefits of aging in place and accessible remodeling

One of the greatest things about aging in place and accessible remodeling is that it gives you the freedom to stay in the comfort of your own home with minimal changes, but there are many more.
1. Safety
Simple fixes such as installing grab bars in the bathroom, or handrails in the hallway increase safety and can aid mobility.
2. Comfort
From the floor to the ceiling, there are certain touches that add to the comfort of your overall living such as heated floor or a ceiling fan, or even having all your utilities at the height you need them.
3. Lighting
Improving lighting will improve visibility at night and lower the chances of trips and falls. We can also make the lighting more accessible with better positioned light switches.
4. Appeal
We only use high quality materials to ensure the finished project looks good, feels good and is built to last. The definition of aging in place is all about the joy of being in a home you love.
5. Functionality
Get the most out of your home with more functionality for your daily routine. There’s no need to feel confined to a few rooms due to lack of accessibility, let us make it work for you.

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If you are looking for aging-in-place home modifications, give us a call. We will arrange a convenient time to come over and evaluate your space, and learn all about your requirements. Our experienced and trusted team works efficiently and respectfully with you, family and care givers to deliver high quality results and responsive, reliable service.