Basement remodel in Marietta, GA

Remodel your basement and add the space of your dreams to your GA home

Your basement is a unique space with endless possibilities. Not only will remodeling your basement add more value to your home it will also to give your family another usable living space that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Beyond that, it can also improve your energy savings with insulation, seal gaps that stop pests or rodents, and even provide extra income.

Whatever your reason for wanting a basement remodel, Burch Renovation will help you from start to finish – maximizing the space and turning it into an inviting addition to your home.

Basement remodeling ideas

Not sure what to do with your basement? Here are some great ideas that are perfect for basements of all sizes! Some can be achieved with small renovations, while others are perfect for families wanting to fully transform a space.

1. Movie Theater

Build the perfect room for movies or to watch your favorite TV Show on the big screen. The basement is the ideal space with low light and where sound won’t disturb other rooms in the house.

View our movie room case study

2. Kid’s Playroom
Keep the kid’s toys, mess, and clutter away from your main living space by giving them a safe area of their own to play. The finished basement will be just as cozy and warm as any other area of the home.
3. Lounge for Teenagers
Give your teenagers an area where they can have friends over to hang out. Not only will it give them more privacy, it also gives you space back on your main home and helps teens practice for independent living.
4. Man Cave
Create the perfect space to hang out with your buddies. Add in a pool table, ping pong table, darts or simply create a relaxing lounge where you can add a wet bar to have some drinks with your friends and neighbors on the weekend. Let us help you build your dream man cave!
5. Extra bedroom
Add a bedroom in a private, large space – perfect for a teenager or a guest suite. Your basement can be finished to a beautiful and high-quality standard, protected from damp and insulated like the rest of the house.
6. Home Office
Put your office in a space in a private space where the daily noises won’t disturb you. No matter what size your basement, having a dedicated office would make a valuable addition to any household.
7. Rental Space
Have a basement with a full bathroom and a private entrance? Turn it into a welcoming basement apartment and start making some rental income. The investment will pay for itself in no time!
8. Home Gym
Need a dedicated space to exercise? Your basement is the perfect spot to create a home gym that fits your needs. Not only will that space be more private than any other, thus allowing you to focus on your workout, but we can also add new flooring, create storage and customize the space to fit your needs.

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