Bathroom remodel in marietta, ga

Remodel your bathroom and turn it into a beautiful and relaxing space

The bathroom is one of those amazing spaces where you can freshen up in the morning and unwind in the tub after a long day – a critical part of the house! Just a few small changes can refresh your bathroom and turn it into a tranquil oasis.

A bathroom remodel or renovation doesn’t always mean a complete overhaul, you can make a drastic improvement with a few simple changes. Not only does it add value to your property, it can also save you money when you replace leaking faucets or choose more eco-friendly lighting fixtures.

Affordable bathroom remodeling in Marietta, GA

There are many small changes you can make in a bathroom to dramatically enhance the way it looks, feels and works for you and your family.

Give your bathroom a brand-new look by removing wallpaper, changing your vanity, light-fixtures and re-tiling. Make it more useful or safer by adding towel bars, hand rails, or shelves. New flooring and windows can make it feel more comfortable, warm and welcoming.

  • Vanity replacement
  • Eco-friendly light fixture
  • Update hardware
  • Replace tub or shower
  • Add hand rails
  • Custom shelving
  • Tile repair & replacement
  • Flooring

Replace tub or shower

Need to replace an old tub or shower with a new one? No problem! We can replace your old tub or shower so that everything is fresh and works well again.

Looking to change your bath tub into a shower, to make it easier and safer to get in and out? There are a number of ways we can help you adjust the bathroom to make it more suitable for senior living.
Click here to learn more about aging-in-place renovations.

Or perhaps you want to add in a tub instead of a shower for the family and children to use? That’s fine too! We can replace your shower with a family-friendly tub in no time.

Let’s get started

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If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, give us a call. We will come over at a convenient time to evaluate the space and discuss your requirements. From there we can tell you exactly how we can help you maximize the bathroom area, so it feels like an inviting sanctuary. Let our experienced team complete your bathroom remodel in Marietta GA and surrounding areas.