interior home remodeling

Transform the way you live in your home

Keep up with the repairs on your honey-do list or improve the use of your home without the stress of DIY

Oftentimes when we spot a repair job, unless it’s urgent, it’s usually one of those things that is postponed to another day, life happens and before we know it, repairs just pile up. Not only does this lead to feeling overwhelmed, it can also cost more to fix in the long run as little repairs can turn into bigger fixes if left over time. At Burch Renovation, we help you make your home space into one that works for your family, brings you pride and comfort.


Keep your home functioning in top shape and safe for your family by maintaining your electrical outlets and fixtures.


Light up your home and style your rooms by adding new lights. Repairing or replace your existing light fixtures.


Repair cracks, holes and other drywall imperfections or remove popcorn ceiling and textured walls.


Increase the comfort and energy-efficiency of your home with professionally-applied insulation.


Replace damaged doors or add new doors that match your style to make your home work the way you want it to.

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If you have some home improvement projects you would like to have done on your Marietta home, give us a call. We will arrange a convenient time to come over, evaluate your space and let you know exactly how we can help. Once you are ready to get started, our local and experienced team of professionals are on hand to get the job done, efficiently and respectfully.