Siding & Trim Repair & Replacement

Improve your curb appeal and protect your home with new siding & trim

The elements and time can significantly impact the exterior of your home. Burch Renovation in Marietta GA can handle all of your siding maintenance needs, from repairing damaged pieces to complete siding replacement.

Why should care about repairing your home’s siding?

The siding on your home serves two vital purposes: It protects your structure from the elements, and it sets the style and tone of the house. Your siding creates a “face” for your home, giving it character and curb appeal. Beyond that, the material you choose will keep out rain, cold, and heat, and should last for many years.

Thanks to advances in building technology, homeowners have more options than ever in siding materials. Some of your choices include traditional wood siding, vinyl siding, and cement fiber siding.

Some of the common signs that your siding needs repair or replacement include:

1. Siding rot
Siding that is crumbling can attract critters and open up your home to damage.
2. Damaged siding

Buckled, cracked, sagging, or warped siding can no longer protect your home from the elements.

3. Color fading
Siding that is faded can be a sign of deterioration.
4. Loose or missing siding
Loose or missing siding is an invitation for the elements to enter your home.
5. Pests
When critters are making a home in or around your siding, it’s time to take action.

Repair and Replacement of Siding in Marietta and Woodstock, GA

There is more to repairing and replacing siding than meets the eye. The process actually requires skill and experience, without which you could expose your home to damage from the elements.

Our experienced siding repair and replacement specialists will take the time to understand your needs and goals. We can repair any issues with your home’s current siding, including identifying and fixing areas where seals have failed. We can also help you select a new siding product and offer gutter guard products as an optional add-on. We will complete your installation efficiently and at a reasonable price. If you need Marietta siding repair or replacement, contact us today for more information about our services.

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For siding and trim repair or replacement in the Marietta area, Burch Renovation is here to help. Let us know what you type of siding and trim repair you need done to your home, we will come over to evaluate and have it fixed by our expert installers. They work efficiently to ensure your daily routine is not impacted by the repair process.